FLEXIMARK® Cable Marking Systems


FLEXIMARK® Cable Marking Systems

LAPP's FLEXIMARK® cable marking systems are a durable solution that ensures easy identification of cables. From inscriptions, to label and marking solutions through to FL SOFT software for electronic recognition, these products can meet your wire and cable marking needs.

Make sure your wires, cable, and control cabinets have durable, readable identification that lasts. LAPP's FLEXIMARK® cable and wire marking system can quickly and easily generate simple inscriptions, labels, or markings either manually or using FL-Soft Cable Marking Software.

This highly versatile system comes in a variety of quality materials to accommodate both indoor and outdoor cable marking applications, including durable stainless steel for high-temperature and harsh environments. It is also simple to assemble, even in tight, hard-to-reach spaces. That means you can have quality, durable cable marking wherever you need it.

LAPP offers perforated labels in many different styles to fit individual application requirements. They also have different styles of collars, such as transparent and halogen-free, which is perfect for use before mounting the wire. FLEXIMARK® Cable Marking Systems are available as separate items or as a convenient starter kit. Or, choose to create your own custom labels for on-site marking. FL-Soft Cable Marking Software is especially suitable for data cable marking.


  • Suitable for a variety of applications for cable and individual core marking and control cabinet marking
  • Easy to assemble, even in locations which are difficult to access
  • Resilient due to high-quality materials to enable long-term use
  • Available in a plastic or stainless steel finish
  • Suitable for environments under chemical, thermal or mechanical stress
  • Transparent, elastic or halogen-free

Fields of Application:

  • Anywhere that cables are used


Standard Cable Marking

Standard marking systems are ready-made for a quick delivery of high-quality cable marking.

Customized Cable Marking

Cable marking is custom-made for a quick and easy mounting on site.

Download a pdf of the complete LAPP's FLEXIMARK® cable marking systems catalog or contact Lapp Tannehill to learn more or order today. Our team is ready to help you find exactly what you need.

[desc]Plastic & Stainless Steel Custom or Ready-Made Markers[/desc]

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