Tubing Cutting & Marking

When you purchase heat shrink tubing, you usually need to cut it into specific sized pieces. Rather than purchasing the tubing in bulk, buying equipment to cut the pieces, and paying someone to cut the pieces, wouldn’t it be easier and more efficient to purchase pre-cut pieces of heat shrink tubing?

Lapp Tannehill can save you time, money, labor, and reduce your headaches by cutting the heat shrink tubing and bag per your specific requirements. Our team is able to do a high volume of work, measuring the material to a programmed length, which ensures efficient cuts every time. You let us know the cut length you want, a cut tolerance (+/-), and how many pieces per bag. We can accommodate cutting for both single wall heat shrink and dual wall heat shrink tubing. Let us help take the pressure off of you by providing tubing pieces ready to use.

 Browse our pre-cut bags of single wall and dual wall heat shrink tubing.

Cut Tubing

You may also need heat shrink pieces with marking on them for identification purposes. Heat shrink tubing pieces can be used to identify wires in cable assemblies by being marked with sequential numbers, your internal part number, date codes, or even your company logo. You let us know what you want to be printed on the tubing, and we will work with you. Using a process similar to printing, we can mark the tubing either by hot stamping or thermal transfer, providing a permanent identification even when exposed to the elements.

With our value-added services and vast product inventory, Lapp Tannehill is your one-stop source for wire and cable. Contact us for more information or a quote for cutting and/or marking tubing.

Tubing Cutting & Marking

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