Renewable Energy

Solar, Wind, & Hydro Cable Solutions

Lapp Tannehill offers a wide variety of wire and cable products for the renewable energy industry. We offer high quality, reliable cable solutions for the transmission and distribution of power from wind, solar, and hydroelectric energy sources.

Solar Energy Cable

From the panel to the combiner box to the inverter and to the transformer, Lapp Tannehill supplies cable and wire that help connect the entire solar power system. The products we sell are used in many solar panels and photovoltaic arrays.

The emergence of the PV wire standards has replaced USE-2 wire as the choice for solar module interconnections. PV wire can be rated at 600V, 1KV or 2KV voltage levels, can be used in both grounded and ungrounded PV arrays, and has a thicker insulation/jacket giving it more abrasion and mechanical protection. It also must comply with the most stringent sunlight (UV) resistance and be flexible at the extreme lower temperature.

Photovoltaic Wire & Cable Options

  • 600V, 1000V, 2000V
  • Battery Cable
  • Custom Strands Available
  • RoHS & REACH Compliant
  • Stranded Bare Copper Conductors
  • TC-Tray Cable
  • TÜV Rating
  • UL4703 PV Wire
  • USE-2
  • VW-1
  • Variety of Wire Management Solutions

Solar Energy Wire & Cable Applications

  • Collector to Inverter
  • Control & Positioning Systems
  • Direct Burial
  • Grounding Systems
  • Inverter Systems
  • Junction Box
  • Motor Supply
  • Panel Hookups
  • Panel Monitoring & Control

Wind Energy Cable

From optical fiber and grounding wires for SCADA systems, low-voltage DC and AC connections and medium-voltage distribution, to high-voltage overhead, underground and submarine transmission lines, Lapp Tannehill offers a wide variety of wire and cable solutions for your wind energy needs.

We supply only reliable and durable wire and cable solutions because we understand that reliability and durability are essential to achieving successful results, particularly in wind turbine systems operations where equipment is exposed to a variety of intense weather-related threats, such as lightning strikes, and excessive flexing/twisting.

From the nacelle and tower of the wind turbine where electricity is created to the step-up transformer where the electricity is transferred to the collection system and from the substation to the power grid, Lapp Tannehill has your covered.

Hydroelectric Cable

The generation of clean power from flowing water is an important renewable energy source. Lapp Tannehill is proud to supply industrial power and utility power cables that help turbines and generators in hydroelectric power facilities produce electricity. We provide reliable and durable wire and cable solutions that you can trust.

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