Southwire is a leading manufacturer of residential, commercial, industrial utility wire and cable in copper and aluminum, rod casting machinery and OEM products.

In 2014, Southwire acquired Coleman Cable, which has acquired Copperfield in 2004, so if you have a Copperfield of Coleman Cable part number, we can help you match that part to the new product part number. Lapp Tannehill carries an extensive inventory of Southwire products, including many non-standard items that are not found within the Southwire master catalog.

Lapp Tannehill is proud to offer value-added services including re-spooling, cutting and stripping, dyeing, striping, printing, custom packaging, and barcode labeling.

Contact Lapp Tannehill today to learn how Southwire and Lapp Tannehill can meet your needs!

Southwire Product Lines

  • ROYAL®
  • Seoprene®
  • American Mustang®
  • Seoprene Plus®
  • Aluminum Building Wire
  • Automotive Cables
  • Branch Circuit Sizes Type MC and Type AC Cable
  • Canadian Building Wire
  • Copper Building Wire
  • DataCom and Low Voltage Electronics Wire
  • Feeder Sizes Type MC Cable
  • Flexible Cord
  • Flexible Conduit Section
  • Industrial Portable Cord and Cable
  • Telecom Cables
  • Well Pump and Low Voltage Irrigation Cables
  • Whip Products
  • Aluminum Bare Transmission and Distribution Cable
  • Aluminum Covered Line Wire
  • Aluminum Service Drop
  • Aluminum PAC and RTS Cable
  • Aluminum 600 Volt Secondary UD Cable
  • Primary UD TRXLPE Cable
  • Primary UD EPR Cable
  • Copper Products
  • Cable-In-Conduit Products
  • HV System Services
  • HV Cables
  • HV Accessories
  • Aluminum Covered Aerial MV (Spacer Cable & Tree Wire)
  • Shielded and Unshielded Substation Control Wiring
  • Substation Transmission Jumper Cables
  • Specialty Substation Wiring Cables
  • Wind Turbine and Tower Cables
  • Wind Collection Cables
  • Solar PV (Photovoltaic) Wire
  • Solar Collection Cables
  • 2.4KV Non-Shielded (N/S) Single & Multi-Conductor
  • 5KV Non-Shielded (N/S) Multi-Conductor Armored

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