LAPP was founded in 1957 by Oskar Lapp with the ÖLFLEX® brand, which was the first industrially produced signal cable in the world. Since then, LAPP has been recognized as a global leader in the manufacturing and branding of wire, cable, cable handling systems, cable harnessing, industrial connectors, and cable accessories.  

ÖLFLEX®, UNITRONIC®, HITRONIC®, ETHERLINE®, SKINTOP®, EPIC®, SILVYN®, and FLEXIMARK® are LAPP's eight brands, offering a wide range of products for applications in industries such as automation, wind and energy, automotive, food and beverage, robotics, oil and gas, machinery building and many more.

LAPP brands are some of the best in the cable technology field and have earned an outstanding reputation as a premium brand. They stand for the values which LAPP and our customers consider paramount: quality, precision, and reliability.

LAPP Quality Management

The Lapp Center for Competence and Testing is a key asset in the development of industry-leading and innovative solutions for our customers. Underwriters Laboratories Inc. completed an assessment of the Florham Park, New Jersey facility for the UL Data Acceptance Program as a UL Client Data Program laboratory. This means the equipment and test methods have been certified to precisely meet the same requirements as at UL test facilities. 

Tests include:

  • Mechanical Testing - Exposed run, direct burial, crush testing
  • Low-Temperature Testing - Cold impact and cold bend testing
  • Flexing Testing - Torsion and continuous flex testing
  • Flame Testing - Extreme temperature and flammability testing such as W1/FT1/FT2
  • Environmental Testing - Aging and oil resistance testing
  • Electrical Testing - Insulation and DC resistance testing
  • Material Construction Testing - RoHS, WEEE, and video microscope testing

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