Data Guide Cable

Data Guide Wire and Cable is a quality manufacturer and leader in the design and manufacture of specialty electronic and electrical products. Broad manufacturing and design experience enable Data Guide Cable to deliver cables tailored to your specific application.  Data Guide Cable and Lapp Tannehill strive to form strong customer partnerships and are committed to supporting your long-term needs.


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Data Guide Cables

Data Guide Cables for Every Application

  • Audio Cables
  • Broadcast and Studio Cables
  • Breather Tubes
  • Bus Drop Cables
  • Chemical and Solvent Resistant Cables
  • Control Cables (2010-600V – 3015-1000V)
  • Deep Well Submersible Cables
  • Direct Burial Cables
  • Electronic-Interconnect Cables
  • Extreme Low-Temperature Cables
  • Fungus Resistant Cables
  • Gasoline and Oil Resistant
  • Guitar/Instrument Cables
  • IMSA Cables
  • Instrumentation (TC 600V- PLTC 300V)
  • Irrigation Cables
  • Load Cell Cables
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables
  • Marine Data Cables
  • Non-Power Limited Cables
  • Pendant and Reel Cables
  • Power Limited Cables
  • Power and Multi-Channel Snake Cables
  • 105º Polyurethane
  • Quad-Microphone Cable
  • Riser Cables
  • Robotic Control and Sensing Cables
  • Rodent Resistant Cables
  • Severe Abrasion Resistant Cables
  • Sewer Cable
  • Shipboard Cable-IEEE-45
  • Simultaneous Transmission Cables
  • Solar Panel Cable
  • Speaker Cables
  • Submersible Pump Cables-PVC and TPR
  • Water Recovery System Cables
  • Weather and Sunlight Resistant Cables
  • Well-Drilling Instrumentation Cables
  • Wind Power Cable

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