Alpha Wire

Alpha Wire designs and manufactures wire, cable, and tubing products for a broad range of applications.

Alpha wire product brands and families such as the Xtra-Guard®series of high performance cable (including Xtra-Guard®1 PVC Control Cable), Alpha Essentials wire and cable, Alpha Wire Industrial™Series cable, the EcoGen™ family of lighter, smaller diameter, eco-friendly wire and cable (including EcoCable®, EcoFlex® PUR, EcoFlex® Cable, EcoCable® Mini, as well as EcoWire® & EcoWire®Plus hook-up wire), ThermoThin high temperature ultra-thin hook-up wire, FIT® heat-shrink tubing and wire management products and Alpha Connect connectivity products.

Lapp Tannehill and Alpha Wire are dedicated to providing the right product for the right application and solving critical production and manufacturing challenges

Alpha Wire Xtra-Guard® Performance Cable

Alpha Xtra-GuardAlpha Wire's cable provides the ultimate performance in extreme environments. Alpha Wire’s Xtra-Guard® series of cable brings performance and reliability to the biggest challenges in the toughest environments. No matter what extremes your application faces, you’ll find an Xtra-Guard cable that excels in meeting your requirements. Downtime is costly—whether caused by a complete cable failure or from the little glitches that occur when a cable doesn’t live up to the demands of the application.

Xtra-Guard® 1 - PVC Control Cable High performance in a tough PVC cable

Xtra-Guard® 2 - Abrasion resistant to withstand mechanical abuse

Xtra-Guard® 3 - Direct burial—no conduit needed

Xtra-Guard® 4 - Extreme temperature cable

Xtra-Guard® 5 - Chemical resistant to withstand the most hazardous environments

Xtra-Guard® Flex - Wide variety of flexing applications

Xtra-Guard® Cat5e Industrial Ethernet Cable - Rugged Cat5e ethernet cable with high-performance TPE jacket

Alpha Wire EcoGen™ Product Family

Alpha Wire EcoCable

All EcoGen products contain no halogens, phthalates or heavy metals. Their innovative mPPE insulation and jacket materials allow them to meet RoHS and WEE Requirements for the elimination of hazardous substances and recyclability.

EcoGen™ Cable Products


EcoCable is the next generation of control cable. Up to 47% smaller and 65% lighter than traditional PVC Control cable, EcoCable also offers up to 87% lower outgassing in a fully recyclable cable.

EcoFlex® PUR

EcoFlex PUR is the latest innovation in flex cable. The PUR jacket and mPPE insulation allows this cable to be zero halogen, have a reduced diameter, and be oil resistant.

EcoFlex® Cable

EcoFlex is the latest innovation in flexible control cable. Up to 32% smaller and 55% lighter than traditional PVC flexible Control cable, EcoFlex also offers up to 91% lower outgassing in a fully recyclable cable.

EcoCable® Mini

EcoCable Mini is the smallest solution to your biggest cable problems. EcoCable Mini is up to 32% smaller and up to 44% lighter than standard 300V PVC cable.

EcoWire® and EcoWire® Plus

Alpha Wire’s new EcoWire family is the latest innovation in hook-up wire. A true engineering breakthrough, EcoWire achieves increased performance in a wire that is smaller in diameter, lighter than standard PVC hook-up wire while being fully recyclable.

Alpha Wire’s Alpha Essentials Products

Find the right cable for your application with Alpha Essentials—your one-stop source for the widest range of alpha essentials industry-standard cables. The breadth and depth of Alpha Essentials products ensure an optimum solution to your application.

Alpha Essentials Communication and Control Cable

A broad line of communications and control cables for audio systems, broadcast and studio, data transmission, business machines, security systems, control systems, and instrumentation systems.

Alpha Essentials LSZH Communication and Control Cable

Low smoke, zero halogens communication and control cable designed for rugged performance and suited to such applications as rapid transit, industrial and commercial.

Alpha Essentials Tray Cable

Tray cable constructed to withstand the harshest environments for your communication and control needs.

Alpha Essentials Coaxial Cable

A complete range of 50, 75, 93, and 100 ohms coaxial, twinaxial, and triaxial cables, with a wide range of insulation and jacket materials meeting the requirements of military specifications and regulatory agencies such as UL and CSA.

Alpha Essentials Cords and Cordsets

For consumer and industrial devices, business and communication machines, and medical and test equipment, our cords give you everything you need for reliable plugin power.

Alpha Essentials Data & Bus Cable

Data & bus cables offer industry-leading mechanical and electrical performance for the major industrial automation protocols.

Alpha Essentials Industrial Ethernet Cable

Industrial Ethernet cables in a range of categories (CAT 5, 5e, 6, & 7) and flex capacities (torsional, continuous, moderate flex), the Alpha Essentials Ethernet collection enables advanced communication while providing outstanding durability and performance within a range of applications and industries.

Alpha Essentials Flat Cable

Flat cables offer excellent signal transmission characteristics, with low capacitance, crosstalk, and skew

Alpha Essentials High/Low-Temperature Cable

High and low-temperature cables are available for temperatures ranging from -55C to +200C.

Alpha Essentials Plenum Cable

A full range of cables for control, computer interconnections, security, alarms, and building energy management systems in a variety of plenum-rated insulations and jackets

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