SKINTOP® Strain Relief Cable Glands

SKINTOP Strain Relief Cable Glands

Cable Strain Relief You Can Count On

Don’t let your productivity be compromised by components used in your operation. Put your trust in SKINTOP® cable glands from LAPP. With the SKINTOP® products, you’re guaranteed a secure connection every time.

Simply thread the cable and twist. Your cables are perfectly centered, secured, hermetically sealed, and ready for action. Choose from a wide range of models available in plastic or brass, for EX and EMC applications, halogen-free or anti-kink protection, metric, PG or NPT.

SKINTOP Components - Lapp Tannehill 

The SKINTOP® Advantage

LAPP’s SKINTOP® has a large number of advantages when compared to other strain relief cord grip products. The SKINTOP® products will ensure uptime, increase productivity, minimize concerns, make your job easier, and save you time and money.

    • Anti-Vibration Protection
      The SKINTOP® integrated locking mechanism includes an internal ratchet inside the sealing portion of the cord grip. This provides a self-locking and vibration-proof element that prevents the cap from loosening even when subjected to severe vibration.
    • Resistance to Temperature Extremes
      SKINTOP® cable glands can withstand temperatures as low as -70°C and as high as 100°C.
    • Optimum Seal
      A complete liquid-tight seal is ensured by the uniquely designed molded sealing ring and flange nut that are combined with a neoprene bushing and domed sealing cap.
    • Superior Design
      The SKINTOP® design consists of three parts that don’t require dismantling before use. The internal ratchet mechanism allows the cap to be tightened without twisting the cord as it compresses. In tightening the cap, the lamellar fingers are pushed together to form a liquid-tight seal with the neoprene compression bushing.
    • Quick and Easy Installation
      The multi-trapezoidal thread requires just one twist to tighten the dome cap, automatically adjusting to the size of the cable and providing optimum strain relief and a liquid-tight seal.
    • Proven Performance
      SKINTOP® glands can be found in a wide range of manufacturing and industrial applications, proving time and time again their long-lasting performance and durability.

Browse the SKINTOP® cable glands that we have online or download a pdf of the complete SKINTOP® catalog.

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  1. SKINTOP® MS-NPT BRUSH Strain Relief Cable Gland -  2" Plus
    LAPP SKINTOP® MS-NPT BRUSH Strain Relief Cable Gland - 2 Plus NPT - Metallic

    Part #: OLF53112087
    Mfg #: 53112087
    Manufacturer: LAPP

    Nickel-plated brass strain relief for EMC applications with NPT thread


    THREAD SIZE: 2 Plus

    THREAD LENGTH (IN): 0.669

    BODY MATERIAL: Nickel-plated brass

    COLOR: Metallic

    LOCKNUT: Not Included


    $115.99 / ea

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