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Lapp Tannehill is your source for a variety of medical tubing, including products from TE Connectivity. With over 50 years of proven innovation advances in process technology, TE’s family of medical grade tubing products are useful in meeting various application requirements found in medical devices and components.

Applications for Medical Tubing

  • Abrasion Protection for Medical Instruments
    Useful in areas where abrasion resistance is needed; improve reliability in high contact applications. (MT1000, MT3000)
  • Balloon and Stent Process Aid
    MT-LWA for use in laser-welding operations of stents and balloons, hot jaw bonding or other secondary value-add processes.
  • Laparoscopic-Electrosurgical Device Insulation
    High-performance insulation and chemical resistance
  • Protection and Insulation of Highly Flexible Joints
    Provides durability through repeated use and additional flexibility
  • Sterilization Versatility
    Support various types of sterilization to meet device and use requirements

TE Medical Tubing Products

Learn about TE Medical’s complete overview of medical heat shrink tubing and view comparison charts of the products below in the Raychem Product Portfolio pdf.

MT-LWA Tubing
2:1 to 4:1 heat shrinkable, crosslinked medical-grade modified polyolefin tubing product designed for process aid application for minimally invasive medical devices. Nearly homogenous and essentially free from flaws, defects, pinholes, seams, cracks or inclusions. Flexible; forms to irregular shapes. Compliant with RoHS, USP class VI biocompatibility.

  • Processing aid for laser welding of stents and balloons
  • Process aid for holding dissimilar materials in hot jaw bonding operations
  • Process aid for Reflow sleeve
  • Customer sizes and shrink ratios available
  • Easy tear capability – axial tear propagation
  • Easy to remove after application
  • Improves process reflow yields
  • Customizable to low compression pressure for sensitive devices
  • Shelf life stability
  • Low-temperature recovery
  • Designed for superior cosmetic clarity performance for laser weld applications

VIDEO: MT-LWA Medical Tubing Process Peel
Learn about the capabilities of TE Medical’s MT-LWA tubing.


MT1000 Tubing
2:1 shrink ratio. Semi-rigid, thin-wall insulation. Well-suited for electrical insulation and strain relief of components that are exposed to high temperatures-either during operation or during sterilization.

MT2000 Tubing
2.5:1 shrink ratio. Lubricity comparable to FEP. Excellent electrical insulation properties. Used in applications requiring lubricity, flexibility, and excellent electrical insulation performance.

MT3000 Tubing
2:1 shrink ratio. Tough, flexible, thin-wall insulation. Used for electrical insulation and strain relief of components that are exposed to high temperatures – either during operation or during sterilization.

MT5000 Tubing
2:1 shrink ratio. Flexibility, a variety of colors. Excellent electrical insulation properties. Used for strain relief, color coding, and identification of medical components and devices.

MT5500 Tubing
2:1 to 4:1 shrink ratio. Very flexible. Protection and insulation of highly flexible joints. Help protect medical devices from high temperatures, fluids, and chemicals.

MT-FEP Tubing
Standard 1.6:1 shrink ratio. Tight control of longitudinal change, standard +/-5%. Custom ratios, sizes, and longitudinal change percentages available. High temperature, low friction, non-reactive material.

MT-PBX Tubing
2:1 shrink ratio. Tough, robust material in a variety of colors. Flexible to semi-rigid; Shore D Durometer dependent. Excellent mechanical protection properties.

MicroFit Tubing
Offered in three materials: RW-175, MT1000, and MT2000. MicroFit tubing offers a high shrink ratio (up to 3:1) and fits a range of diameters from .007″ to .045″.

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