Expandable Sleeving

Lapp Tannehill offers a variety of expandable sleeving products that adjust to fit comfortably over wire and cable components without heat shrinking.

Browse our full line of sleeving products in our catalog or select any of our expandable sleeving products below.

Expando® PT Plus
Eliminates the need for hot-knife cutting. Does not trap heat or humidity. Rot-free. Self-extinguishing when used to encase typical non-flammable wires or cables.
Expando® DM
Highly flexible and resistant to trapping water, heat, and humidity, tough, lightweight oversleeves used to protect cable assemblies, hoses and wire harnesses from chafing, cutting and abrading.
Expando® FR & Expando® FR Plus
Makes end termination neater and easier. Many applications in the electronics, marine, and general manufacturing industries.
Expando HR® – Expando® HR Plus
Special purpose, performs well in both high and low-temperature environments and has outstanding chemical resistance, highly reliable solution.
Expando® PFA
Low flammability and resists damage from most chemicals. Widely used in the aerospace industry for its high temperature capability.
Roundit® PPS
Outstanding properties in extreme environments. Considered for aircraft, space, military, marine, and hostile-environment applications.
Roundit® 2000
Tough, lightweight oversleeves used to bundle and protect cable assemblies. Aeronautical, marine, electronic, furniture accessory and general manufacturing industries.
Roundit® 2000 FR
Quick and easy installation and removal of the product for assembly and maintenance. wrap-around sleeving manufactured from flame retardant polyester monofilaments and multifilaments.
Roundit® 2000 NX
Ideal for commercial and defense aircraft applications. Rugged yet smooth texture and appearance for high temperature bundling.
Fyrejacket® Aerospace Grade
Slides easily over cables and hoses. Protect hoses, tubing, piping, wires, wire assemblies. Thickwall braided fiberglass sleeving coated with specially compounded silicone rubber.
Therm-L-Lite® FG
Protects wire harnesses, hoses, and pipes from the effects of radiant heat. Protects components in high temperature areas. Flexible, aluminized fiberglass sleeving used to protect components in high temperature areas.