Cross-Link Wire

wires-datacommLapp Tannehill is a stocking distributor of irradiated cross-link hook-up wire such as UL 3173, UL 3321, UL 1430, UL 1429, UL 3195, UL 3196, UL 1534, UL 1536, and other irradiated cross-link wire products. Irradiated cross-link wire and irradiated wire is highly resistant to heat and prevents distortion of the insulation when the wire is subjected to temporary overloads and high temperatures. Cross-linking the PVC or Polyethylene by irradiation also increases the abrasion resistance and makes it superior to regular vinyl insulation. 

Irradiated PVC lead wire is widely used in high-density wiring, but the wire functions well in a variety of other applications. While UL 1429 and UL 1430 are suitable for internal wiring of electronic equipment, computers, business machines, and appliances, UL 1431 lead wire works well for internal wiring of electronic equipment, power circuits, air conditioners, business machines, and appliances.

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UL 1429/1534
This hook-up/lead wire is 150V and will not melt in soldering applications. It has excellent mechanical properties and is resistant to fluids.
UL 1430 & 3317
This is 300V rated and will not melt in soldering applications. It has excellent mechanical properties and is resistant to fluids.
UL 1431
This wire is an XLPVC 600V rated wire, ideal for panel and appliance wiring for higher voltages, flame retardant, and fluid resistant.
UL 3195/3196/3173
This is XLPE wire with 125C and 600V rated. It is ideal for electronic equipment wiring with higher temperature requirements.
UL 3199
Used for internal wiring of appliances. For use as the lead of transformers, motors, ballasts, etc. Small diameter appliance wire.
UL 3265
Highly flame retardant XLPE insulation. Rated 150V and 125C. Ideal for process controls, panel wiring appliances. Excellent electrical properties.
UL 3266
Highly flame retardant XLPE insulation; rated for 300V and 125C. It is ideal for use as a motor lead, coil lead, panel, and appliance wiring.
UL 3321
Rating for 150C and 600V. Ideal for appliance wiring where higher temperature and voltage is required like ranges, heaters, and dryers.
UL 3271/3289
Suitable for motor lead, transformer, panel, and appliance wiring. Flame retardant, high temperature, and very good mechanical properties.

As a stocking distributor of irradiated cross-link hook-up wire, Lapp Tannehill understands the importance of quality of our products and offer brands that are of high quality, reliable, and cost-effective to our customers. We supply the industry leading brands, whether you need a standard cross-link cable or a one of a kind custom solution, you can be assured of the superior construction, premium materials, advanced manufacturing, and world-class quality control. The entire manufacturing process is monitored from conductor insulation through jacketing to deliver the highest quality cable in the lengths that customers require.

Lapp Tannehill also offers value-added services, including re-spooling, striping, dyeing, cut and stripping, printing, custom packaging, and barcode labeling.

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