Building Wire

Lapp Tannehill offers a variety of building wire options to meet your needs. Building wire is the most frequently specified wiring solution today for commercial and residential construction projects. For residential construction, contractors demand non-metallic (NM) sheathed cable. Types NM and UF are very popular for branch wiring.

THHN wire is widely specified for power distribution in commercial products. Available in a variety of colors THHN can handle most electrical wiring applications, from service entrance and feeders to branch circuits.

For harsh industrial environments, Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) insulation is an ideally suited wiring solution. Type XHHW-2 is well suited for building wire power distribution and direct burial applications.

Type SE is ideal for carrying electric power from service entrance equipment, and it can be used as branch circuits.

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Linked LT CatalogMTW
Stranded Bare Copper per ASTM B-3; Solid Bare Copper per ASTM B-3; Color-Coded Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).
SPT-1bmpSPT-1, SPT-2, SPT-3
Suitable for lamps, small appliances, radios, jukeboxes and other similar applications that do not exceed 300 volts.
Meets or exceeds all applicable ASTM specifications, UL Standard 83, UL Standard 1063 (MTW), CSA, NOM-ANCE 90(D)C, Federal Specification A-A-59544, and requirements of the National Electrical Code
May be used as fixture wire, machine tool wiring, or appliance wiring material.
TFN and TEWN Building WireTFN/TEWN
High dielectric polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Solid bare, soft annealed copper per ASTM B-3.
Primarily used in conduit or other recognized raceways for services, feeders, and branch circuit wiring.
Suitable for use as underground service entrance cable for direct burial at conductor temperatures not to exceed 90° C.