Lapp Tannehill Purchasing Department Expands

Lapp Tannehill PurchasingLapp Tannehill is excited to announce that Joel Hopkins, Bryan Arickx, and Ally Kraut have joined the purchasing department. Joel and Ally have joined us as buyers, and Bryan is the supply chain manager.

Brian Arickx: Supply Chain Manager
Brian comes to us with a Master of Business Administration in Operations from the Carlson School of Management as well as a Bachelor of Science majoring in Industrial Engineering and a minor in Supply Chain. He has spent the last seven years with Target Corporation in various roles including Planning Analyst, Six Sigma project lead, Forecasting and most recently Project Manager for Supply Chain strategy. We are excited he joined our team and lead the purchasing department as well as the supply chain initiative.

Ally Kraut: Buyer
Ally is a recent graduate of Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science degree; double majoring in Supply Chain Management and Accounting. 

Joel Hopkins: Buyer
Joel is also a recent graduate receiving his Business Administration degree in Operations and Supply Chain Management from the University of St. Thomas.

Lapp Tannehill Sales Team Grows

Lapp Tannehill SalesLapp Tannehill is excited to welcome Magdalena Grela and Victoria Koehler to the Lapp Tannehill sales team!

Magdalena comes to us with a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, IL as well as a Bachelor of Marketing and Management from National-Louis University, Poland. She has held progressive roles in sales with Helukabel USA and most recently as the Business Development Manager at Tele-Fonica Cable Americas. Magdalena is joining us as an outside sales rep in the Illinois area

As a Sales Management Professional, Victoria comes to us with 22+ years of sales account, sales management experience. For the past 6 years, she has worked for HUBER + SUHNER, Inc., a connectivity solutions provider, as their Distribution Sales Manager. Previously she held various positions at Avnet Electronics. Victoria is the regional general manager for the West Coast, working out of the Las Vegas facility.

Lapp Tannehill Sets Ambitious Growth Plan

January 2018

The goals for Lapp Tannehill are ambitious: to double sales within four years and supply to all of North America. “Since it was founded, Lapp Tannehill has used local resources in Minnesota and is set to see growth outside of its core region,” said Gerald Lawrenz, CEO of the North American region. “We began expanding in the southwest over the course of the last fiscal year and Lapp Tannehill is now targeting the rest of the USA.”

Mark Babcock - Lapp Tannehill President“At the end of the year one of our expansion plan we are proud to report that we are on course for achieving our goals on schedule and are prepared to deal with the challenges ahead,” explained Mark Babcock, President of Lapp Tannehill. The business model is primarily based on providing a direct service for OEMs with additional focus on the contractor market. What makes Lapp Tannehill special [within the Lapp Group] is the fact that the company acts as a sales partner for more than 300 wire, cable, and connector manufacturers in the North American market. “This enables us at Lapp Tannehill to offer a full range of products in this sector,” said Gerald Lawrenz, “and we want more customers to benefit from this in the future.”

Launching Several Initiatives towards New Growth Targets

In the first year of the expansion plan, Lapp Tannehill already managed to achieve substantial growth rates in the North American market. The expansion plan involves a modular approach, focusing on the further expansion of new sales locations to be implemented in phases. Additional sales staff have been added in Houston and Dallas and they are currently in the process of hiring more sales staff around the USA.

Expanding their business on the website is another priority, with additional tools that help customers enhance their productivity and allow Lapp Tannehill to continue to provide excellent customer support. Live chat for fast customer service, along with online orders and order management for current customers have already been implemented on the Lapp Tannehill website.

Future Sales Locations in Key Markets

Even though Lapp Tannehill can do same-day dispatch in most cases, it may take between one and four days for customers to receive the goods depending on where they are located. Our aim is to be able to deliver to the contiguous USA within 48 hours of an order being placed. We are looking at new possible sales locations throughout the entire country.

Mark Babcock said: “We are confident that this active campaign will allow us to attain rapid growth on the North American market. Our customers expect us to keep pace and expand with them while continuing to offer them the type of service they want in the future as well.”

The growth plan has been accompanied by extensive renovation work at the company headquarters in Savage, Minnesota. This involved the introduction of an open-plan office concept with LED lighting and ergonomic office furniture and the creation of a new training room. The warehouse was converted LED lighting to keep power consumption in check and modern fans ensure the optimum exchange of air.

The History of Lapp Tannehill

KL Tannehill Inc. was established in 1958 by Ken Tannehill and initially concentrated on supplying cables to the military aviation industry. Over the years, the company developed into a full-service provider for cables and connectors, primarily serving OEMs in the northern Midwest of the USA. KL Tannehill has been a member of the Lapp Group since 2000. In 2005, KL Tannehill started to evolve from a regional company to a national supplier of connectors. In 2007, the company changed its name to Lapp Tannehill and moved to the new headquarters in Savage, Minnesota. In the years that followed, the company established sales locations in California, Texas,  and Nevada to be able to provide better support for the customers in these markets. 

Ursula Ida Lapp Awarded Business Medal of State of Baden-Württemberg

Ursula Ida Lapp Medal of the State

Minister Dr.Nicole Hoffmeister -Kraut awards Mrs. Ursula Ida Lapp

Ursula Ida Lapp was awarded the Business Medal of the state of Baden-Württemberg on November 23, 2017. Baden-Württemberg economic minister Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut honored the Lapp Group founder for her diligence, ambition, and perseverance over the last 58 years. Among the federal state’s most prestigious honors, it is awarded only to people who have made an outstanding contribution to the economy of Baden-Württemberg. 

“With diligence, ambition, and perseverance, you and your family have created a company of international renown over the past 58 years. You are open, interested person and you participate in the lives of your fellow human beings. Your varied and considerable social and entrepreneurial achievements are to be particularly emphasized. For this reason, it is a particular pleasure for me today to personally hand over the business medal to you,” said Minister Hoffmeister-Kraut.

Ursula Ida Lapp has written German economic history. She founded the Lapp Group almost 60 years ago and made it into a global player and world market leader. 


Ursula Ida Lapp’s Life and Work

An entrepreneur through and through, Ursula Ida Lapp has made German business history. Together with her husband Oskar Lapp (1921-1987), she channeled her passion, energy, and understanding of the industry’s requirements into founding a company of international renown. Today, the Lapp Group employs approximately 3,440 people around the world and has 17 production sites and 40 distribution companies. The company also works in cooperation with around 100 foreign representatives.

The first chapter of our Lapp Group’s success story was written at the end of the 1950s. Ursula Ida Lapp’s husband Oskar Lapp was a gifted inventor and innovator. When the company started out, single cores and strands had to be inserted into cables by hand, a time-consuming task. Oskar Lapp set to work developing the first industrially produced oil-resistant and flexible control cables that used different colors to distinguish cable cores. Another innovation followed: the ÖLFLEX® brand name for the invention. Coined by the Lapps, the name became synonymous with extremely oil-resistant and flexible cables.

U.I. Lapp KG was founded in 1959 with an initial capital of DM 50,000. The fledgling company was based in the couple’s garage in the Vaihingen suburb of Stuttgart. Oskar Lapp took on the role of a sales representative and visited customers, while Ursula Ida Lapp remained in the home as the couple’s three sons were still young. In the evenings, she wrote advertising letters and took care of the bookkeeping. She often drove to the freight depot with a cart to pick up the ordered cables (which were delivered in bundles), label them and then send them off on their onward journey straight away.

ÖLFLEX® delivered the right product at the right time. The Lapps set quality standards that are still applicable around the world today in the field of cable production. Our product range even offered ready-made cables containing up to 130 colored cables. Demand was huge. In 1963, the company opened the first factory of its own to produce ÖLFLEX® cables. Two years later, in 1965, it moved to Schulze-Delitzsch-Straße in Vaihingen, where the headquarters of our group remains to this day.

Following Oskar Lapp’s death in 1987 after a long battle with a heart condition, Ursula Ida Lapp took over leadership of the company together with her sons Siegbert and Andreas. Under her aegis, the firm continued with its expansion outside of Germany. Today, our Lapp Group is the global market leader for integrated solutions in the field of cable and connection technology.

Ursula Ida Lapp played a key part in shaping our company’s philosophy. We are practicing our corporate culture and are living according to our values customer-oriented, success-oriented, family-oriented and innovative. Ursula Ida Lapp thoroughly prepared everything for the successful integration of the 3rd generation of the family.

Ursula Ida Lapp upholds the principles of corporate social responsibility, an ethos born out of conviction. She and her sons founded the Oskar Lapp Foundation in 1992 in memory of Oskar Lapp to support research into heart disease.

Ursula Ida Lapp herself remains Honorary Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board at Lapp Holding AG and U.I. Lapp GmbH.


Quotes from Ursula Ida Lapp

“You have to be flexible like our cables. Life demands to do so.”

“Always remember: The family is the most important thing in life.”

“Enjoyment of work is needed to succeed.” 

Lapp Cup 2016 – Bucharest, Romania