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Cable & Accessories for the Food & Beverage Industry

Whether in the food and drinks industry or in bottling and food packaging plants, cables and accessories have strict hygiene and cleanliness requirements, along with other complex requirements. Many of these cables and accessories are used in refrigerated or damp environments. They must be resistant to numerous chemical, thermal, and physical stresses, while still being reliable. Hygiene is a top priority when it comes to food production. It’s vital for your cable and accessories to be resistant to aggressive industrial cleaning and alkali agents that are commonly used during cleaning processes.

Lapp Tannehill offers a variety of solutions for the food and beverage industry, ensuring that the components you need meet the high standards of the industry.


Applications for Food and Beverage Cables:

  • Dairy processing/dairy technology
  • Meat and fish processing
  • Baking and confectionery processing
  • Bottling plants
  • Packaging machines


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