ODU is one of the leading suppliers of connector systems globally.  With a customer focus and a wealth of practical industry experience, ODU has established itself as a leading supplier of electrical connection technology. Connections from ODU ensure reliable transfer of power, signals, data and media in numerous application areas: in future-oriented growth markets such as medical technology, military, and security technology, and energy technology, as well as in established sectors such as industrial electronics, measurement and testing technology, and eMobility.  Whatever your connector needs you can count on ODU and Lapp Tannehill.

ODU pushpullcircular

ODU Push-Pull Circular Connectors

Push-Pull circular connectors with a robust metal or plastic housing and a service life of several thousand mating cycles.

ODU MINI SNAP® Circular Connectors

A push-pull circular connector in a metal housing. Offered in various locking types and coding configurations.

ODU AMC® High-Density Connectors

Designed especially for military and security technology. An extremely robust and light-weight metal circular connector series.

ODU AMC® HIGH-DENSITY Advanced Military Connectors

High-density connector: Up to 70% weight & size reduction and high-speed data transfer rates in military applications


ODU’s Threaded Connector developed for applications in harsh environments.


Push-Pull circular connector with a plastic housing.


The overmolded plastic connector for measuring and testing industrial and medical devices.  Small, light, assembled.


Push-Pull circular connector with a plastic housing for IP67 and shielding requirements.

ODU modular

ODU Modular/Rectangular Connectors

Versatile configuration options, impressive service life: The ODU-MAC® series of modular/rectangular connectors including the ODU-MAC® Blue-Line, ODU-MAC® White-Line, and ODU-MAC® Silver-Line has been designed for an extremely high number of mating cycles and low space requirements.

ODU-MAC® Blue-Line

A new performance class with modular versatility and manual mating.

ODU-MAC® White-Line

Manual mating, compact maximum performance with modular versatility.

ODU-MAC® Silver-Line

Automatic docking, highest level failure protection, various connection variants.

Specialty Connectors

ODU electrical contacts

ODU Electrical Contacts

Highly specialized contact types of outstanding quality enable secure and reliable connections.

ODU Heavy Duty Connectors

Rain, wind, water, snow or frost – these robust circular connectors easily stand up to the toughest of environmental conditions.

ODU Connectors for Docking Systems

Connector systems for uncomplicated, time-saving exchange processes and minimize downtime.

ODU Printed Circuit Boards Connectors

Excellent transmission quality in various designs for industrial applications.

ODU custom

ODU Custom Connector Solutions

If you operate in a dynamic market and want to explore new territory with your technologies, then you also need innovative connection systems in order to bring your ideas to life in the best possible way in reliably functioning applications.

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